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What Author Skyla Madi had to say;

Okay, so, this is my OFFICIAL review of a book box that is available to us here in Australia (but can also be ordered internationally).
OMG, you guys. They packed this box like champions. Inside held three books -- three books of variety -- which I appreciate! The books come wrapped in a sophisticated & hipstery brown paper with the BLMB logo stamped in the corner. Essentially, you go in blind to every box. I thought I was going to loathe the idea because I am someone who is very picky about covers, storylines, etc, but not seeing what books you're getting takes all of the bias out of it. Not knowing what you're going to get makes the experience so much sweeter. (Forrest Gump, anyone?)
I've attached a photo below of the books we received this month - after I unwrapped them. I do believe (Kylie ʚϊɞ Bain, correct me if I'm wrong) that this month was the first month that a M/M romance was included in the box and Forever You by Laura N. Andrews was the M/M romance chosen. Laura N. Andrews is a new to me author & I have never read a M/M romance so the BLMB has already broadened my reading spectrum. The second book was Jax (signed) by JL Perry - another new to me author - and holy sh*t is it a thick book. The third book was Through The Fig Tree (signed) by K E Fraser - again, this is a new to me author.
Due to the constant flow of new releases and different trending genres/storylines, I probably never would have picked up these books myself, but now I have them and I think it's so very important to try new authors. I love the idea that, out of these three books, there's a potential to find a new favourite author.
Now onto the goodies. ☺
The Book Lover Mystery Box comes packed to the rim with goodies. From signed bookmarks and Sweet Bookie Cookie's to cute trinkets from Kristy's Kreative Nook!
Everything that goes into this box is well thought out and makes it all worth it. Even the crocheted penis with the rainbow ribbon. 
The Book Lover Mystery Box is sent out monthly and is filled with new and unique goodies every time. Shipping is free! And it's a wonderful way to fill up your bookshelves without spending a buttload on shipping. BLMB is a great way to find new authors as well as receive paperbacks/signed swag from some of your favourites.
I look forward to the next box!