Q. What will I receive in a Book Lover Mystery Box?

A. Our aim is to focus on bringing you new reads every month so you will always receive a minimum of two paperbacks sometimes three other times four

Depending on how many books we include in the boxes each month sometimes we like to include other items too...

Maybe bookmarks, kindle books, candles, jewellery, author swag, chocolate, basically anything that's bookish or smells/tastes/looks nice/pretty and fits into the box we consider!  

Q. What makes Book Lover Mystery Box Unique?

A. Here at Book Lover Mystery Box, our main focus are the books, before the swag. We pride ourselves with working with SELF PUBLISHED Authors, with always trying our best to have at least 1 book signed each month.

Q. Does Mystery mean the Genre? 

A. No. Mystery as in whats in the box each month is a mystery... well until you open it!

Q. What genre do you specialise in then?

A. Basically anything with romance in it eg.

  • NA - New Adult 
  • YA - Young Adult
  • Contemporary romance
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Erotic Romance
  • Suspense Romance 
  • Fantasy/Urban Fantasy 
  • Paranormal Romance 
  • Historical Romance 
  • Dark Romance
  • LGBT Romance

*We mix up the genres so it never gets boring!

Q. What is the difference between the boxes in the online store and the subscription service?  

A. The boxes in the online store are for those who wish to pre-pay for a set number of boxes 1-6 (Monthly delivery) 

*A discount is applied for three and six month pre paid terms.

However they are limited and subject to availability - especially with our single month boxes...

Where as our subscribers are guaranteed a box every month for as long as they wish to continue their subscription. 

Q. Is postage included?

A. For AUS addresses postage is included.

For International addresses postage is billed at $55 per box.

An additional $5 will be invoiced to all PO Boxes (!!!)

No Free Postage on ANY PO Boxes from the 1st September, please enter a residential home address when ordering.

Q. When will my box arrive?

A. All boxes are sent in the first week of every month.

Q. When do I need to order by to receive the coming month?

A. The cart is closed once we sell out or on the 30th of each month and reopened on the 1st day of the following month. Orders placed on or after the 30th will receive their box in the nest shipment. The store is always open.

Q. Do you do refunds or exchanges?

A. No, unfortunately we do not issue refunds or exchanges. ONLY if the box has been damaged in postage. 

Still have questions?

Send us a message on Facebook or email us at booklovermysterybox@gmail.com or you can contact booklovermysterybox.pa@gmail.com